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How do I set up my value router with eero devices?

If you’ve already set up your router, you can skip straight to step 8 to get your eero devices connected. Otherwise, follow all the steps below to set up your router first.

Here’s what you’ll need from your package to get your router connected:

  • DSL cable (grey)

  • Power supply and adapter

  • Microfilter

Value router equipment illustration

Step 1

First, find your master socket. It should look like one of the images below, and might have a BT or Openreach logo on it. It’s usually in your hallway or near your front door.

Standard master socket (one port on the front):

Standard socket illustration

Pre-filtered master socket (two ports on the front):

Pre-filtered socket illustration

Can’t find your master socket? Try following the phone line that comes into your home from outside. If you still can’t find it, you can use a different phone socket in your home instead. Your broadband should still work but might not be quite as reliable.

Step 2

Attach the stand to your router by clicking it into place.

Value router stand illustration

Step 3

If you have a standard master socket, unplug anything that’s already plugged into it, and insert the microfilter.

Microfilter in socket illustration

If you have a pre-filtered master socket with two ports, you won’t need a microfilter.

Step 4

Connect one end of your grey DSL cable to your master socket. 

If you have a standard master socket, connect the cable into the microfilter port labelled ‘DSL’. You can connect your telephone cable into the port labelled ‘phone’.

Phone in microfilter illustration

If you have a pre-filtered master socket, connect the cable into the smaller port on your master socket. You can connect your telephone cable into the larger port.

Phone in socket illustration

Step 5

Connect the other end of your DSL cable into the grey port labelled ‘DSL’ on the back of your router.

Step 6

Connect your power supply to the router and plug it into the wall using the power adapter.

Plug in value router illustration

Step 7

Push the black on/off button on the back of the router to switch it on, and wait a minute or two for the flashing lights to stabilise.

Step 8

Press and hold the Wireless button on your router for 7 seconds. When you let go, the Wireless light should turn off. You’re now ready to connect your eero devices.

Set up your eero devices

To set up your eero devices with your new router, simply

and follow the instructions.

eero illustration

A few useful tips while you’re setting up:

  • The app will talk about your ‘modem’ - this is your new UW router.

  • You can use any of your new eero devices as your ‘Gateway eero device’.

  • Your eero devices all have an LED status light, which might change colour while you’re setting up. You can see what the different colours mean


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