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Why am I unable to receive a message from a particular email address?

If you don't receive emails from an email address, here are a few things to check out

  • Make sure the sender types your email address correctly

  • Check if your mailbox is full – you may need to delete old emails from your inbox.

  • If you're sure the email address they're sending to is correct, ask them if they're receiving any 'bounce back' emails from the server that might explain what the problem is.

  • If they send emails to you as part of a group, ask them to try to send emails to you individually.

  • See if you can receive an email from another email address

Why am I unable to send a message to a particular email address?

  • Make sure you typed the email address correctly.

  • Check for a 'bounce back' email from the server to explain the issue. For example, if the mailbox of the person you send to is full, the 'bounce back' message would explain this, and the recipient would need to delete emails from their mailbox to allow new emails to arrive.

  • If you send emails to a group of email addresses and the message does not reach some of them, your server may consider your group email to be spam and reject it. Please try sending an email to a single address to see if this is the issue.

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