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Where can I find information on call features for my home phone?

We have a range of call features available for Home Phone. To view the latest monthly charges for these features,


Anonymous Call Rejection - Automatically blocks calls from people who withhold their number.

Caller Display - Shows the telephone number of the person calling you, we provide this for free.

Call Diversion - Diverts incoming calls to a different number of your choice.

Call Minder - Our standard answering service (similar to BT 1571).

Call Minder Plus - Our advanced answering service.

Call Waiting - Let's you know if someone is trying to call you when you're on the phone.

Choose to Refuse - Prevents unwanted callers from getting through.

International Boost - 1,000 minutes to our top international landline destinations.

Peak Saver - FREE calls to all UK landlines and mobiles 24/7.

Off-Peak Saver - FREE calls to all UK landlines and mobiles in the evenings and weekends.

Three-Way Calling - Allows three people to take part in the same call.

There are changes being made to our landline charges in January 2022 which you can find out about


If you'd like to add a call feature onto your service, please

. Our team will be happy to help.

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