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Can I connect using my own Wi-Fi router?

Yes, you can! But you'll need to make sure your router isn't locked by your previous provider. When you sign up to us, we'll send you your username and password, so you connect your own router.

With our superfast fibre-optic Ultra Broadband your router needs to be 'Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line' (VDSL) compatible. If it's not, it won't work.

You'll need to manually configure your router to work with our service. The information you may be prompted for when configuring your own router is below:

Username and Password: This is printed on the letter that we sent welcoming you to our service. These are also available in the

of your UW account.

Standard Broadband

  • Connection Type: PPPoA

  • Encapsulation: VC–MUX

  • VPI/VCI Settings: 0/38

  • DNS Settings: Auto or Primary:

Ultra Broadband

  • Connection Type: PPPoE

  • VLAN Tag ID: 101

  • DNS Settings: Auto or Primary:

Full Fibre

Step 1 - Connect an Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the back of your Router.

Step 2 - Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the LAN 1 port on the back of the Openreach FTTP Modem.

Need a router?

If you need a router, we offer the UW Wi-Fi Hub free of charge with all of our broadband plans. This is the ideal companion to UW broadband, and provides fast speeds with great coverage for most homes. 

If you have a larger home or would like the best possible coverage, we recommend adding

. This award-winning system includes Amazon eero devices that work together to blanket your entire home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi. To find out more, give our team a call today.

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