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My broadband is slow

Try these steps - they might fix it

  • Is your phone line working? Pick up your phone's handset and listen. Can you hear a dial tone? If there's no sound - and you can't make or receive calls - the problem is probably with your phone. The issue might also be with your phone if it sounds noisy. Please see our Home Phone help.

  • Does your router need resetting? Push the reset button on the back of your router for 10 seconds. If you're using one of our routers, it'll automatically configure itself after 5 minutes. Please note: you'll lose any settings on your router, including any special configurations. If you're unsure or don't want to lose special settings, try turning the power off and leaving for a couple of minutes before turning it back on.

  • Are you using Wi-Fi to connect to your router? Check if your broadband is still slow if you connect using an ethernet cable. If it's fine, please see our wifi help article.

  • Do you have a standard telephone socket? Make sure all your devices - including telephones, Sky Boxes, and alarms - are connected via a microfilter on every telephone socket you're actively using. You don't need microfilters if you've got a pre-filtered telephone socket.

If you've got a standard telephone socket, you need microfilters

Filter comparison
  • Is any other equipment interfering with your line?

    Unplug everything from your telephone sockets and connect your broadband router directly into your telephone master socket - it's usually the one where your phone line enters your property. Try not to use a telephone extension cable, as this might impact your signal.

To help you unplug everything, please refer to the set-up diagrams below. You don't need microfilters if you've got a pre-filtered telephone socket. When we first gave you your router, we gave you a free microfilter. Need another one? You can buy microfilters through our broadband shop.

Standard Telephone SocketPre-filtered Telephone Socket
  • Still slow?

    Test your broadband speed - you'll need to use a Mac or PC, not a mobile device or tablet, for this to work. Please enter your phone number after running the test, so that we have a record on your account. Make sure you run the speed test while your computer is connected to the router with an ethernet cable, not Wi-Fi, to give us a more accurate reading. If you run the test at different times, we can also identify any patterns.

Still not working?

Try your test socket, this will help eliminate if there is an issue with your internal wiring.

Now plug your filter into the test socket. If the service is operating as expected from the test socket then it indicates that the line is ok and there may be a fault with your internal wiring or the socket front plate. We can still arrange for an engineer to restore internal wiring issues.

If you're still having problems using this service, you can

and speak to our Technical support team.

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