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What happens to my Feed-In Tariff (FIT) payments if I move home or I’ve bought a home with a FIT installation?

I’m moving home

Your solar panels will usually be sold at the same time as your home. When you tell us you've moved, we'll close your account and stop making payments to you.

You’ll need to confirm by emailing [email protected] or send a letter to confirm you’ve sold the property and the FIT-registered installation. 

Please include the following information:

  • The change of ownership or Completion Date.

  • The name of the new owner(s).

  • The generation and/or export reading on this date, or the last reading you took before this date with the reading date.

We'll contact the new owner to advise them on the process of taking over the Feed-In Tariff and to request certain documents before we can start making payments. 

Once it's all set up, they'll receive the same tariff that we paid to you.

I’m the new homeowner

You must provide proof of ownership of the installation, such as a copy of the Land Registry and a document that confirms that the ownership of the installation was included in the contract of sale.

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