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I have a Radio Teleswitch System (RTS) meter. Am I affected by the signal being retired?

If you have a meter that uses the RTS signal we need to replace your old meter with a modern meter before the signal is switched off in March 2023. There’s no cost to you. Simply book an appointment at a time and date that suits you. 

To book a meter replacement, visit

or call 0333 005 6555 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4.30pm on Saturdays). You’ll need the booking reference we sent you.

The benefits of a meter upgrade

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What is the Radio Teleswitch System?

The Radio Teleswitch System (RTS) is a system that was created to help with the control and management of electricity meters that had special tariffs, such as Economy 7. It operates via long-wave radio signals, and it allows remote switching of large numbers of devices, for example between day or night rates or to automatically turn on and off heating or hot water. 

What is a Radio Teleswitch meter?

A meter that works using the Radio Teleswitch System. The electricity meter is fitted with a device that picks up the RTS signal and controls the time switching features on the meter.

What do I need to do?

It’s important that you book an appointment to have your meters exchanged to make sure that you’re not caught short if your old meter stops working properly.

These RTS meters are likely coming to the end of life and the certifications are about to expire due to age. We’re responsible for replacing the meters as part of the terms of our licences. 

We’ll contact you to tell you how to book once there are appointments available in your area. To book a meter replacement, visit

or call 0333 005 6555 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4.30pm on Saturdays). You’ll need the booking reference we sent you.

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

It’s important you arrange for a modern meter to be fitted. If you don’t, you may experience problems with your meter. For example, if your heating and hot water timings are controlled via RTS there is a risk that these will not switch on; or if you have a multi-rate tariff, such as Economy 7, your meter may not switch between rates correctly and your bills may be affected.

I’m on a day/night rate tariff. What should I do?

Economy 7 tariffs are fully supported by all suppliers that provide them, including UW, and there are no plans to change that. But it’s important you upgrade to a modern meter to make sure your tariff rates change correctly.

If you no longer need a multi-rate meter (for example, your storage heaters were replaced by gas central heating) you can get in touch to discuss your options. For example, it may make sense for you to move to a single rate tariff. 

Can I change my mind later?

Once you switch away from a Radio Teleswitch tariff, you won’t be able to get it back. But it is necessary to ensure your system continues to work correctly. 

Are single rate tariffs affected?

Yes, if you have a Radio Teleswitch meter it may still affect you. We recommend upgrading to a modern meter as the meter is probably reaching the end of its life and the certification may be expiring soon.

As a bonus, for some people, removing the old meter could mean you no longer need a second MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number). If your RTS setup currently has one, this could mean your bills are lowered as you'll only need to pay one standing charge.

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