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How do I set up, cancel or review my Budget Plan?

How do I set up or cancel my Budget Plan?

We can help you switch from your current energy payment method to Budget Plan. Simply contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. Remember to bring recent meter readings on the call if you are not using a Smart Meter, so we start you off on the right estimates. If you have a Smart Meter, we will use the data it sends us to set up your Budget Plan accordingly.

We understand that circumstances change, and a Budget Plan may no longer be the right option for you. If that is the case, we can help you cancel the Budget Plan and switch to another type of payment. 

All we ask from you is to have recent meter readings ready when you call us. This allows us to evaluate the account at the point of call and correctly adjust the closing balance.

On the call, the advisor will be able to inform you of your account balance and the next steps needed to clear any deficit or credit accrued. These amounts will then be reflected in your next month’s bill, in the energy section.

If you're cancelling a Budget Plan, it’s worth remembering that we bill month start to month end, and this means it best to give an end of month reading should you wish to switch to a different payment method. 

How do I change or review my Budget Plan amount?

We know that sometimes circumstances can change, and thus the initial estimated annual consumption might become inaccurate. 

If your Budget Plan doesn't seem like it's the right amount or you have a change in circumstances, we will check the data we have from meter readings to update consumption estimates and recommend a change in monthly pay. 

We will always notify you when we have found a discrepancy and show detailed explanations on how we worked out the new amounts. We aim to do this throughout the year, ensuring there are fewer instances when you will have credit or deficit accruing. 

If however, you need a Budget Plan review at a specific point time or you think that our recommended change is not accurate, we can check things for you. Just contact us and make sure you have your current meter readings handy.

How do I change or review my Budget Plan amount?

We know that sometimes you might use more energy than we anticipated, and that can result in a deficit build-up on your account. If that is the case we will review your account and recommend changes to the monthly payments to spread the deficit evenly and prevent it from building up further. Or if you prefer to pay it off in one lump sum, we can help you do that over the phone.

For credit balances, we apply a similar logic: we review your account to make sure the payments are appropriate, and suggest a decrease in payments for the coming months. We might do this by either using up the accrued balance to offset estimated costs or we can refund the credit to your bank account and lower the monthly payments to prevent further build-up.

There are instances when we will not be able to refund credit to your bank balance during the 12 months plan reviews. This is usually if the accrued credit per service is less than £50 including VAT. In this instance, we will monitor your account in the coming months, and as soon as you go over the amount we can either use it to offset your next bill or spread it equally between the months left.

Don’t worry we always notify you of these transactions in our communications and show detailed explanations of how we worked them out. 

If you'd like to pay off your deficit in one lump sum, simply contact us with your debit or credit card to hand and your recent meter readings.

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