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Can I change my Economy 7 tariff (two rate) to a single rate tariff?

If you don't think you're benefiting from the Economy 7 (two rate) tariff, maybe because you don't use the majority of your electricity at off peak times (night) or you no longer have storage heaters in the property. You can request to go onto the single rate domestic rate for your region. We shouldn't need to physically change your meter, and so your meter will continue to give two readings (which you'd need to supply when giving reads) but we can change your tariff so all your usage is charged at a domestic single rate, which could help reduce your energy costs.

If you'd like a quote, contact us with both meter readings, a one-off £15 charge may apply.

How will I know the tariff has changed on my bill

Your new tariff would start from the first day of the following month and so this means (as we bill a month in arrears) the new rates would only appear on the bill we send the month after i.e. if you request a change on the 15th of April, your charged the new rate from the 1st of May; new rate will appear on the bill you recieve in June next to your readings for May.

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