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When will I receive my final bill from my previous supplier?

It can take up to six weeks for your previous supplier to send out your final bill, but it's often quicker. 

Making sure you’re billed accurately

It’s important to provide us with an opening meter reading when you switch to UW. 

We give this reading to your old supplier so that they can close your account using the same read. This is to make sure that you’re not billed twice or charged incorrectly.  

Sometimes there is a short delay in your old supplier receiving your closing meter reading. It's best to contact your previous supplier with any questions about your final bill with them so they can help

Payments and credits with your old supplier

Once your old supplier has received your closing meter reading, they’ll give you your final bill and close your account. If you have a credit balance with your old supplier, they should refund this back to you.

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