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What's the Light Bulb Replacement Service?

Customers who joined UW to switch all of their services, and signed up to Daffodil, before 18 April 2021 could take advantage of our Free Light Bulb Replacement Service.

FREE LED light bulbs

For customers who joined UW to switch all of their services, and signed up to Daffodil, before 18 April 2021, we’ll replace all the light bulbs in their home with the latest energy-efficient LED bulbs, typically worth £300 - £500 including fitting. The bulbs are bright, light up instantly and are fully dimmable.

FREE lifetime guarantee

For as long as qualifying customers keep their services with us, they'll never need to buy a light bulb again. If a bulb ever needs replacing, we’ll send them a new one in the post – free of charge.

Reduce their electricity bill – FOREVER!

LED bulbs use up to 15 times less electricity than traditional ones. This means a typical household will use around 15% less electricity – FOREVER!


What happens if I want to cancel my services after having bulbs fitted?

If you choose to cancel any of your communication services (Home Phone, Broadband or Mobile) within two years of having your light bulbs changed, you'll need to pay a contribution towards the cost of each LED bulb we've installed on a scale that reduces every 6 months:

LED cancellation charges

What happens if I move home?

We can provide new LED light bulbs at your new address as long as:

  • You're a homeowner

  • You're a Double Gold member

  • We can provide LED light bulbs at your new address

  • You don't cancel any of your services with us

If we’re able to install your second set of bulbs then we will waive any contribution towards the bulbs that were installed in your old home

If we’re unable to supply bulbs at your new property or if you are renting at your new property, then we will cap the contribution payable for bulbs in your old home at a maximum of £100 (inc VAT) provided you remain a Double Gold member at your new address

What bulbs do you replace?

Our fitters carry a selection of 26 of the most popular light bulbs in residential homes in the UK.

We'll attempt to replace all bulbs in your home with a like for like LED. We don't, however, replace strip lighting or any outdoor lights or lights in appliances (e.g ovens, fridges).

If you're booked for our lightbulb replacement service, you can take a look at the

Do you offer different coloured light bulbs?

We can only offer warm white bulbs (2700K - 3000K) at this time.

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