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Giving meter readings

How do I give a meter reading?

Simply click

and select the supply you'd like to give a reading for.

It's worth noting, the reading is accepted for the date it's put through, the best day to give a read for an accurate monthly bill is the last day of that given month. So for an accurate March bill you'd need to give your read by the last day of February. Don't worry, your read will still be used on the following month's bill.

I get an error message when entering my read online

If your giving a reading which is higher or lower than what we are expecting, or it doesn't match up with other meter readings on your account, this may flag as 'out of range'

We would advise you double check the reading on your meter.

Here's some helpful tips

  • Two rate meters If you have a day and night read check you've entered them correctly. On your meter, you'll also see a third read which should be the total of the day and night reads. Understandably this can sometimes be mistaken for one of the reads, so it's best to check your previous reads which can be found on your bills and see if they look similar.

  • Dial meters: check out our help guide - follow the link below, on how to read these and the rules that apply.

  • Number of digits: any numbers in red should not be entered, again checking a previous bill will let you know how many digits we're expecting.

  • If your reading is lower than a previous actual read (you can check this on your previous bills): please double check the read, if it's definitely correct take a photo and send it over to us using our email form on our

    page. Select : Energy and attach the photo, making sure you give your account number so It can be looked into. 

Here's some more tips on how to read your meter.

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