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How do I read my non-smart meter?

Through the years meters have changed and evolved and just like people, properties have meters in all shapes and sizes. Saying this the basic rules are the same, whether it's a gas meter or electric; always read the numbers from left to right and ignore the numbers in red or any numbers after a decimal point.

Single rate meters

Single rate meter

In the example above the meter reading to submit is 006471

Single rate meter

Here the meter reading to submit is 41568

Two rate meters (Economy 7)

These meters have two sets of dials or digital registers.

  • Night/ Low - for the lower priced night-rate electricity

  • Day/ Normal - for the day rate electricity

Two rate meter

Here the meter readings to submit are 46043 and 32436. If you're not sure which is day and which is night there's no need to worry as our system will pick this up based on previous readings we hold on your account.

Two rate, single display meters

Two rate, single display meter

Some two rate meters only have one digital display. The display will either show the different rate readings one after the other, or you'll need to press a button to make the display cycle through the readings.

A "rate" indicator ("1" or "2") might be displayed next to the reading as they are displayed on the screen. The rate indicator will flash when active.

If you see a 'T' reading, we don't need this. This stands for 'total' and should be the total of the other two readings.

Dial meters (the ones that look like the clock faces)

If your meter has dials like the examples below:

  1. Read the numbers on the black dials from left to right, ignoring: the red dials, ones labelled "1/10" or "100 per rev".

  2. If a needle is between two numbers, use the lower number.

  3. If the pointer is directly over a number, write down that one. If the needle is between 9 and 0, use 9 and reduce the reading you have taken for the dial on its left by 1. For example: if you originally recorded 6, change it to 5.

If there are more spaces in the meter reading form than you have dials, just enter zeros at the beginning. For example, if you have 4 dials but the form asks for 6 numbers, enter two zeros and then your reading.

Dial meter

In the example above the meter reading is 94694 kWh.

Dial meter 2

In the example above the meter reading is 6659.

If you still have trouble taking your reads give our team a call, they'll be happy to help.

How do I submit a meter reading?

The quickest and easiest way to submit your readings is by using the

, or via our meter reading page.

Have you considered having your meters exchanged for smart meters? They are free and can take the hassle out of giving readings.

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