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Can I switch my energy supplier as a prepayment customer?

You can still switch your energy supplier if you have a prepayment meter in your home. 

Switching with debt on a prepayment meter

You may still be able to switch if you’ve got a debt on your prepayment meter.

If you’re a prepayment customer with a debt between £20 and £500 on the meter, the Debt Assignment Protocol allows you to switch supplier and transfer the debt to your new supplier. 

Your chosen new supplier may be willing to take over the responsibility for collecting the debt, in which case they’ll pay the debt to us on your behalf, and you’ll then owe them the money instead.

If you’d like to take up this option, please contact your chosen supplier to discuss it in more detail. If they agree to it, we’ll need to provide them with the details of your debt – your chosen supplier may ask for your consent for us to do this when you speak to them.

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