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How do I top up my prepayment meter?

You can top up your non-smart prepayment meter with a key (electricity) or a card (gas).

Simply take your key/card to any PayPoint, Payzone or Post Office to top it up.

                                                                                                                                                  When you're back home, you'll need to put the key/card into the meter to transfer the credit to it. Remember to take the key out of the meter afterwards so you don’t accidentally activate Emergency Credit.

If you've lost or damaged your prepayment key or card, please

and we'll send you a new one as soon as possible. Click to find out more.

Have a smart meter? 

You can find out how to top up your smart prepayment meter by clicking


Be aware 

Never buy energy from someone who comes to your door -  energy companies never sell electricity in this way.

There's a doorstep scam where criminals offer to top your meter up for you, but use cloned electricity keys to top up credit illegally. This means you'll pay twice: firstly to the criminal and then to your energy supplier.

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