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I'd like help understanding charges on my Prepayment meter


What is a weekly recovery rate?

If you're repaying money you owe through your pre-payment meter, we’ll have set it up to recover an agreed amount each week - your ‘weekly recovery rate’. This means this amount will automatically be taken from any money you have topped up. If your last top-up seems to have not lasted as long as it should, check to see if part of it was this taken to repay debt.

Get in touch with us if you're struggling to repay debt or want to have a chat about your weekly recovery rate.

Why has part or all of my top-up vanished

Just like billed meters, there’s a fixed daily standing charge (see what this is below) which is chargeable whilst your energy is connected. A prepayment meter applies the charge to your meter every day, so even if there’s been no usage, this charge is taken from your credit.

If you run out of credit the standing charge will continue to be applied and will build up as money owing. So it's good to remember, when you're applying your next top-up it will be recovered.

This is especially important if the property has been vacant for a while or you’ve been topping up less often or in smaller amounts because you’ve not needed to use energy. For example in summer where you’ve not needed the gas heating as much.

Why do I have to pay a Standing Charge on my Prepayment meter?

Just like a non-prepayment meter you’d be charged a daily fixed rate to cover the costs of maintaining your connection to the power network. The only difference being, this is taken from your meter daily rather than applying it to a monthly bill. The standing charge is a daily fixed rate and doesn't vary with your usage.

How can I lower my energy usage?

Whether you have a prepayment or pay bills, we want to help you save money and reduce your energy usage.

You can find help to do this


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