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Do I have to have a smart meter?

No, you don’t have to. 

But we think it’s a really good idea that you do. There are many benefits in having smart meters – both for individuals, and the country as a whole:

You get: 

  • Automated meter readings – saving you time every month.

  • Accurate bills – no more estimates, so you only pay for what you use

  • To see your energy use in pounds and pence – so you can use less energy, and save money.

The Nation gets: 

  • A modern energy system, ready for future technologies.

  • A lower carbon footprint – so we’re all greener.

  • A more efficient system that costs us all less.

Should I trust bad news stories?

There are a lot of myths and rumours about why smart meters are bad. 

  • Some are based on the early generation of smart meters, which we no longer install.

  • Some of them are based on negative press about rare cases. 

  • And some had no basis in truth at all.

We want you to be informed, so you can read more about these smart meter rumours below.

How do I get a smart meter upgrade?

You can find out more about smart meters and how to upgrade on

Don’t want a smart meter?

You can let us know you aren’t interested in smart meters. Just complete this

or . We are obliged to keep contacting you about smart meters occasionally - but we’ll do this less often. 

Please note, if your old meter needs replacing, or if a meter is being installed for the first time, we must install a smart meter unless there is an exceptional circumstance that prevents us from doing so.

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