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My smart meter display isn’t working properly

Your display needs to be within 10 metres of your electricity meter for it to work and not in the proximity of any other Wi-Fi operating devices as they might obstruct the signal. Have you tried moving it closer to the electricity meter?

  1. Get as close to your electricity meter as you can and plug in your smart meter display with the power cable.

  2. Look at the back of the device – near the left-hand side is a flat power button. Firmly hold this button down for 10 seconds, or until the device turns off.

  3. Switch the device back on by holding the power button down until you see the display starts up. You’ll see a welcome message followed by the model number and the ID number of the device.

    smd back

  4. Within the next minute or so, the device should show the correct time in the top right-hand corner and the signal bars in the top left corner should become solid. Shortly after, either an electricity or gas symbol should appear along with tariff and billing information.

  5. After three minutes (if you’ve got smart meters for both gas and electricity), you should be able to switch between seeing gas and electricity data by pressing the third button from the left (the button looks like a lightning bolt next to a flame). If you’re able to see your usage and switch between gas and electricity (if you’ve got both services), the issue is resolved.

    SMD front

If you’ve got gas and electricity but can only see one of the services, you see the message “Waiting for current data”, or the display’s still not working as it should, please


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