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My top up isn’t showing automatically on my smart meter – what can I do?

When you top up, it’ll be added to your meter automatically within 45 minutes. 

But if there’s no signal, or you need access to credit more quickly, you can type the code from your top-up receipt into your smart meter display or directly into your meter using the keypad – and the credit will be applied immediately.

For a first-generation smart meter

  1. Type the code from your receipt into your smart energy display.

  • On the main menu screen select ‘Account’

  • Then enter the code on your screen

  1. Or, type the code from your receipt directly into your meter by:

  • Pressing A on the keypad and the display will show vend mode

  • Then type in the code from your receipt and press B to confirm

  • If you enter a wrong number, press A to delete it

If you need help topping up your smart meter, please


For a second-generation smart meter

You’ll need the receipt from your energy purchase, showing a unique 20-digit top-up number.

  1. Tap ‘Home’. Then tap the ‘Lightning bolt/flame’ button to choose electricity or gas. Tap ‘OK’.

  2. Press the right arrow until you see ‘Apply Top-up’. Tap ‘OK’. 

  3. Enter your top-up number using the arrow buttons to scroll through digits 0-9. Tap ‘OK’ to add a digit.

  4. After you have entered the last digit of the top-up number the screen will display 'Top-up sent', then the amount of the top up and ‘Top-up successful’.

If your top-up number is invalid, the screen will display ‘Top-up failed’. If you’re sure you’ve entered everything correctly, call us for help.


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