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How do I make sure I can roam abroad?

Making sure your SIM is set up for roaming

Before you travel, you can check your roaming settings in your

It’s likely your UW SIM was supplied with roaming turned off, so if you’ve not roamed before, you’ll need to ensure it’s turned on. If you’re not sure, it’s worth a check before you travel to make it easier once you arrive.

If you want to make a change, depending on your plan type, you may be able to change your settings online. Or give us a call and our team can get you set up.

Some overseas networks have already stopped using 3G, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a 4G SIM. If we sent you your SIM in 2017 or later, it’ll be 4G. If you’re not sure, look out for a note in your account asking you to upgrade.

Making sure your device is set up for roaming 

Once you’ve enabled roaming on your account, you can also manage your roaming settings on your handset itself. This is a good way to ensure you only switch roaming on when you need it, and avoid going over your data limit or our fair use cap while you’re away. 

Mobile fair use policy that applies while roaming

If you have one of our Mobile Unlimited plans or our Value Prime 40GB plan, a fair usage policy of 14GB whilst roaming in our Europe Zone will apply (i.e. you can use up to 14GB from your allowance while roaming). Once you’ve used your fair use policy amount when roaming, we will notify you and surcharges will apply to continue using data when roaming in our Europe Zone. You can read our full fair usage policy

You can find roaming in your device settings, though the location will differ depending on your handset brand.

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