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What’s the difference between international roaming and international calls?

International roaming means your SIM will work in another country. It does this by connecting to another local network instead of our UW network, when your SIM is out of range of the UK networks. 

International calls are calls made to a non-UK number, wherever you are. If you’re in the UK and want to call someone who lives abroad or has a foreign number, you’ll need to enable international calls. It’s important to note that for all customers, these calls will be charged on your next month’s bill – even if you’re on

. You can ask us to set a spending cap for these calls so you don’t go over a certain limit – just get in touch if you’d like us to do this for you. 

When you’re roaming, you’re likely to need international calls enabled as well if you want to make calls to local places when you’re away. 

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