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What benefits could I lose when I switch my mobile to another provider?

We're sorry to hear that you're thinking of moving your mobile service away from us.

By transferring your mobile service, you may lose some of your exclusive customer benefits. See below for a breakdown:

  • 10% discount – If you have broadband with UW, you may lose your 10% broadband discount if you no longer have mobile

  • Discount on Unlimited SIM – You’re only eligible for a £12 Unlimited SIM if you have more than one Unlimited SIM

  • Energy discount – Your guaranteed discount on the price cap set by the Government may decrease if you have less services with UW

  • £200 Early Termination Fee reimbursement – You may need to pay it back or no longer be eligible to claim it

If you’re a business customer, the above won’t apply but you may lose other benefits instead.

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