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What happens when I switch my mobile to UW?

1. When you switch your mobile to UW, all you have to do is give us your PAC code to keep your number (or a STAC code if you’d like a new one). We then send you a SIM in the post and give you a temporary number.

2. Once you have your SIM, you'll then need to activate it. As soon as you do, we'll ask your previous provider to switch your service to us.

3. Once the transfer is complete, if you gave us a PAC code, your existing number can now be used and the temporary number will be removed. If you gave us a STAC code, the temporary number we gave you can now be used as your new number.

Before you get started:

  • Remember to save contacts from your existing SIM card to your phone before you remove it to make sure you don't lose any.

  • Please make sure your phone is unlocked or compatible with the EE network.

  • If you'd like to keep your number, don't cancel your mobile account with your old provider before you sign up to us or you may lose it.

What to expect during the transfer

On the day before the transfer, we’ll text you to confirm it’s going ahead.

It may take a few hours for the transfer to be fully completed, in some cases up to midnight. Until then, you can carry on using your old SIM until it no longer works.

When this happens, you can then remove your old SIM and pop your new one into your phone. It should work straight away – if not, please wait a couple more hours for the networks to catch up, or try switching your phone off and on again.

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