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What is Budget Control and how does work?

Budget Control is a free feature that puts you in complete control of your monthly bill.

This means that if you wanted to call a chargeable number, you won't be able to unless you've topped your balance up. If you have no balance on your mobile, you'll only be able to call numbers that are included in your price plan. You can check your balance and top-up your mobile any time in the UW app or in your online account.

Budget Control inclusive minutes and data allowance reset on the first of each month, meaning you don't have to worry about running over your allowance.

Why can't I make a call on Budget Control?

Is the number your calling part of your price plan? If not please check your balance and try again.

How can I check my Mobile balance?

You can check your Mobile balance anytime, whether you're using our app or website use the button below to check and top up your balance.

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